Eddie Nartey Directs Juliet Ibrahim’s New Movie

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The movie industry is a naturally collaborative environment, relying on many people, with varied skill sets to realize a shared vision, but approaches to the art of collaboration can differ dramatically. 

The best collaborators are those with a true understanding of what the word really means. 

Juliet Ibrahim applauded her male colleague, Eddie Nartey for his first direction in ‘Could this be Love?’ and to have a taste of his direction, the two actors have joined their production outfit for Shattered Romance, a film said to be their second produced movie. 
This could be the first collaboration between Ghanaian actors.

From sources, production started on Wednesday and James Gardiner, Sonia Ibrahim, Bryan Okwara (formal Mr. Nigeria), director Eddie Nartey and Juliet Ibrahim were seen on set. 

The gossip also mentioned; Gbenro Ajibade of Tinsel fame, Pascalyn Edwards, Sammy B (formal BBA housemate), Ben Brako, Paulina Oduro, Charlotte Derban (face of Vienna) among others are yet to appear on the set. 


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