FAB PHOTOS: Selly Galley, Victoria Lebene, Yvonne Okyere, ChiChi Neblett & More | “LAST NIGHT” Movie Premiere was EPIC!

FAB PHOTOS: Selly Galley, Victoria Lebene, Yvonne Okyere, ChiChi Neblett & More | “LAST NIGHT” Movie Premiere was EPIC!

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Yes i told you. That “LAST NIGHT” Premiere was going to be “EPIC”. Last Night it was all about Prince David Osei. Last Night It was all about the one-cast movie and Last Night, One man actually held the crowd down.

Some will say it was expected, Others will have other opinions but don’t take away Prince David Osei’s Credibility. Anyone who saw the movie “LAST NIGHT” will testify what a great movie it was.
A lot was expected from the man wh, a day before the premiere had already won the best actor in Ghana at the Just Ended City People Awards which was held in Nigeria. His work rate this year has been phenomenal.

Ghkwaku.com visited the set in the process of the shoot and i can guarantee not so many actors in Ghana can endure to complete the movie. The outcome of the movie was perfect, everything was just spot on. What one would think would happen in subsequent scenes were miscalculated and that was what defined the movie.

The movie directed by one of the best directors in Africa Andy Boyo saw endless list of celebrities troop the silverbird cinemas to see the movie, the likes of DKB, Yvonne Nelson, KSM, Martha Ankomah, Toosweet Annan, Yvonne Okyere, Joselyn Dumas, Shirley Frimpong Manso, Kafui Danku, Ama K. Abebrese, Selly Galley, Salma Mumin and so many more came to grace the occasion.

I had an epic night to be precise.Checkout who killed it on the red carpet below between these beautiful new & promising actresses…11881320_1039662369386973_1333838404_o 11882159_1039661086053768_454743771_o 11847541_1039661576053719_84147927_o 11847668_1039661936053683_1255347448_o 11852172_1039661579387052_781592329_o 11879753_1039661552720388_1815871768_o 11894772_1039661039387106_1037777059_o 11895375_1039661556053721_664058193_o 11900674_1039663079386902_562121487_o 11899366_1039661942720349_1469809502_o 11901130_1039661052720438_499656690_o 11901089_1039661956053681_1544625916_o 11901044_1039662356053641_631094174_o 11903259_1039660629387147_150863301_o 11906995_1039661569387053_1722531394_o 11901750_1039661566053720_1359527577_o 11901616_1039661559387054_27495736_o 11881405_1039665366053340_633628978_o11907068_1039663072720236_2007862580_o 11914878_1039662392720304_74891510_o 11916186_1039661572720386_1196686405_o 11929935_1039661062720437_1629276275_o 11930006_1039661066053770_1102225805_o 11930522_1039661499387060_1688696669_o 11942485_1039663082720235_1848218741_o 11942401_1039661946053682_523018630_o 11948544_1039661952720348_1407867051_o 11948523_1039662376053639_684393758_o 11948348_1039663076053569_1737392933_o


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