Fighting a plus has made me popular – lawyer ampaw … case to be withdrawn

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Maurice Ampaw, the Accra-based Lawyer who has been in the news lately for the wrong reasons, is back at it again.

In a new video posted online by musician/comedian, A Plus – the man he has supposedly sued for defamation – he is seen attesting to the fact that the whole brouhaha has somewhat made him popular.

Ampaw is suing A Plus for some 1 million Cedis for what he says were defamatory remarks he made about him on the social network site Facebook, where he called him ‘dumb’ in a post on the missing musician, Castro.

In the said Faceook post, A Plus thought Ampaw – who had promised to reveal the whereabouts of Castro by September 30 – was a waste of everybody’s time. He called him dumb in the process.

Ampaw wasn’t happy with the tag and headed to court.

The case, which was first heard in court last week, was due for another sitting on November 14 but even before that, both parties appear to have squashed their beef.


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