FIPAG Is Killing The Movie Industry In A Slow Poisonous Way

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Though the film producers association has suggested to Agya Koo to call off his upcoming press conference scheduled for Friday 10th October, Agya Koo’s communication director, Mr. Isaac Rockson, confirmed on Entertainment Ghana aired on Neat FM 100.9 that the press conference will still come on at the Cultural Center in Kumasi.

In an interview with the host of the program, Kwesi Aboagye, Mr. Isaac Rockson stated that, the press conference is intended at showcasing to the public and Agya Koo’s fans that Agya Koo is still active in the film industry, and also, to give a clean platform to Agya Koo and anyone who think Agya Koo has wronged him or her.

“Anyone who has problem with Agya Koo or has any issue against Agya Koo is invited to the press conference to come and reveal it under the press conference so that if there’s any amendment or if there is a need for Agya Koo to apologize, he will be asked to do so” Rockson said.

He mentioned that, the platform will also give opportunity to the management team to speak about Agya Koo’s new upcoming movies and the strategies they will deploy in selling those movies.

As to why they are going to reveal the new strategies in selling those movies, he said there are some mafia strategies going on in the Ghanaian movie industry.
“Film marketers will take your movies and will hide it somewhere; later they will return the movies to you that the movie did not sale. We have found a new solution to all that. We will reveal all the strategies at the press conference especially how Agya Koo’s movies will be sold, and how the public can get his movies to buy” Rockson stated.

Rockson continued that “a new way of marketing Agya Koo’s movies in a way that the movie will not pass through Kantamanto, Opera, Kejetia so the film makers don’t hijack it’.

When the host (Kwesi Aboagye)asked him who the mafias are, Rockson disclosed: “FIPAG members have lot of strategies they use in their mafia moves. The marketers association also has some strategies and mafia moves that’s killing the industry. Instead of the industry moving forward it’s dying slowly.”

He lamented that if care is not taken, the film industry will not have feet to stand on in the next 3 years – it will collapse because some mafias are in the film industry and they are killing the industry in a slow poisonous way.
Rockson said they want the industry to stand, “there are so many secrets in the industry which is too diabolical, which is too evil” he ended.

Source: Mustapha Inusah


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