FULL STORY: KSM Reveals he only sold 13 tickets at his first show and was once on interpol’s wanted list

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Ghana’s undisputed Master of Satire, actor, Director, Talk Show Host, Kwaku Sintim-Misa (KSM) revealed it all on the ‘At home with Michelle Attoh’ show over the weekend where he talked about his journey through life, his future plans and more.

When asked by Michelle whether he got into comedy by mistake, he answered that he came from a home where his father had a good sense of humour and he inherited that gene. KSM said his late father, who was the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana for 12 years could make a congregation packed to capacity laugh continuously when he was preaching and that he has since not met a funnier preacher than his late dad.

He disclosed that anytime he sits down to think, he starts seeing things in his mind’s eye and that’s more or less where he gets his ‘one man shows’ from. According to KSM, for one to keep going in his field, the person must: – Sacrifice, Have faith, and Be more than the word ‘creative’ to stay in the business.

He revealed that the first time he staged a show, he sold only 13 tickets prior to the show so later, and he decided to give out the tickets out for free. He attributed the low patronage of tickets to the fact that nobody knew him.

KSM told Michelle that he brought respectability back to Ghanaian comedy. He disclosed that he is very happy that the new crop of comedians are more or less university graduates. He made reference to David Oscar, DKB among others. ” Back then people regarded comedians as ‘fools’ or school drop-outs”. Making reference to himself, he said he holds double major degrees in BA Communication and BA Theatre Arts. He also holds Master of Fine Arts in Film Production, specializing in directing and film-acting. Additionally, KSM is the Chief Executive Officer of Sapphire Limited, a production firm.

Touching on his most traumatic moment in life, he revealed, ”I was once on an INTERPOL list, the circumstances and everything that surrounded the whole stuff made me so much depressed. It was just by the grace and the divine intervention of God that made me strong. It wasn’t an easy experience at all”.

KSM also disclosed that it took a while for him to understand the dynamics of the world but then it also gave him the opportunity to learn and grow from all situations and bad experiences he had gone through.

About what his TGIF show, now the KSM show is all about, he answered that the talk show is a platform that seeks to celebrate Ghanaians who are doing great stuffs that nobody is aware of. He continued, ‘I fused humour into the show because humour breaks the ice and makes people relax as they watch the show.”

KSM has written, directed and starred in a series of one-man comedic plays, most notably Saga of a Returnee, Afia Siriboe, Political Incorrect, and Confessions of a GH man, Castle or Suicide among others. He disclosed that the spontaneous response he receives from his audience in the form of interminable laughter and standing ovations, has urged him on to stay grounded and relevant all these years.

About his future plans, he revealed that preparations are far advanced for his own television station, Sapphire TV to start broadcasting soon.

Written by, Amekor Shola Evershed

Source: ameyaw debrah


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