Fuse ODG Refuses To Join Bob Geldof’s Ebola Victims Song

Fuse ODG Refuses To Join Bob Geldof’s Ebola Victims Song

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While most musicians especially if you are coming from somewhere like Ghana will run into the studio to be on Bob Geldof’s new Band Aid 30 track, Ghanaian-Londoner music star-Fuse ODG rejected to be part of the recording.

Despite having initially agreed to join some of the world’s biggest stars on ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’, a charity song for Ebola victims in Africa, Fuse later pulled out and said he was not going to do it because he did not agree with the message.

According to Fuse, he did not agree with the message of the song and even though Bob Geldolf gave him the freedom to change the lyrics, he insisted the message of the song did not sit well with his This is New Africa (TINA) movement—meant to showcase the best part of today’s Africa.

Speaking to the BBC, Geldolf mentioned that Fuse refused to be on the track because he said he ‘felt awkward”.

Geldof added;

“His thing was you had to be positive about Africa, but then you have Angelique Kidjo and Emeli Sande who were on the same attitude and I said there’s the world’s press, tell them about your point of view.If there’s a line you can’t sing, change it and he said he just felt awkward.”It doesn’t seem like Fuse is the only person who pulled the plug—Adele is also reported to have not picked their numerous calls directed at her, a clear case of I do not want to part of this…In related news, Bob Geldof who is famous for telling TV viewers in 1985 to “give us your f**king money” was today taken off Sky news for saying the word “bollocks” twice


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