GHAMRO Is Corrupt – Wanlov

GHAMRO Is Corrupt – Wanlov

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AFRO-GYPSY musician Wanlov the Kubolor says until the issue of corruption, which pervades all aspects of society, is dealt with once and for all, the collection and distributing process of royalties by the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) would never be fair and transparent.

The issue of fairness, transparency and equity in the distribution of royalties among music right owners has been of grave concern to various musicians because the process was mismanaged in the past.

“Corruption reflects on all levels from the ground to the topmost level. When you see the ‘borla’ in the gutters and the police and the politicians being unlawful and taking monies that do not belong to them… All those things would have to be fixed simultaneously.

Unless those things are done at the same time, the royalty and music collection societies in Ghana will also be corrupt,” Wanlov told News-One.

Wanlov disclosed that he was currently registered with the Performing Right Society (PRS) for Music in UK which enables him receive royalties anytime his music is played anywhere in the world apart from Africa.

“I’m registered with PRS in UK. With that, everywhere in the world—apart from most countries in Africa—where my music is played, PRS collects the royalties and sends them to me,” he stated.

However, the ‘Green Card’ hit maker added that most radio stations in Ghana refuse to submit their playlists and pay royalties to the international collection bodies, noting that it is against the law because it amounts to stealing from artistes.

“Most of the radio stations in Africa are illegal and they do not also report their playlist or pay the royalties for the musicians to collect with their collection agencies. As we speak, there is no one radio station in Ghana that pays royalties to any international body, which is against the law because you are stealing from the artiste,” he said.


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