Ghanaian Artistes Are Suffering – Dep. Minister Of Tourism, Arts And Culture

Ghanaian Artistes Are Suffering – Dep. Minister Of Tourism, Arts And Culture

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After being crippled with what seemed to be an internal discrepancy, the creative arts industry has not been able to bounce back to its glory days.

This according to the Deputy Minister of Tourism Arts and Culture, Dr. Idi Ziblim is disturbing.

He expressed his worry over the breakdown in the creative arts industry in Ghana, attributing it to a number of reasons which to him could be dealt with as time goes on.

In an interview with the press at the just ended launch of the South African Week celebration at the Marriott hotel, Accra, Dr. Ziblim with a particular interest in artistes, said, Ghanaian artistes have in diverse ways helped put the nation on the map with the support of government and they deserve to be commended.

“I give it up and congratulate our artistes for holding the front, that Ghana is known even with the little support they get from their government.”

He added that artistes in Ghana are really going through the mill to make ends meet considering the circumstances they find themselves in, but he believes all these problems could be dealt with when the Creative Arts Fund is established.

“I am encouraged that if we get the Creative Art Fund established we can even do more…you really have to talk to the artiste before you know what they’re going through.. I have lived in the States where musician are celebrated and are making it and being self sufficient..but you can’t say same for our artistes here”

He further emphasized the need for Ghanaians to “support artistes by playing their music, buying their music and reducing piracy.”

The President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, in his State of the Nation address earlier this year, confirmed that the foundations for passing the Creative Arts Fund Bill have been laid thus establishing the Creative Arts Fund will enable creative artistes to access funds to boost their arts.




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