You Can’t Be Responsible For Other People’s Words – Nadia Buari

You Can’t Be Responsible For Other People’s Words – Nadia Buari

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Actress Nadia Buari has said that she has got to a point that she does not care about what the media say or what people think about her.

According to her, it’s time to focus on what’s best for rather than think of the perception people hold about her.

She said in a post on Instagram post spotted, while advising her followers that “From an early age we work to get approval, whether it was proving to our parents that we could ride a bike without training wheels, or taking our first step—caring what other people think seems evitable.

Through the years it can become a problem for us, as it can cripple us emotionally and spiritually. We need to get to the point where we don’t care what the media says, how colleagues feel about us, or live in state of constant fear or agony of what others think.

The other person is not going to worry about it, or stay awake at night upset that you’re offended. U can’t be responsible for other people’s words, actions, or decisions as hurtful as they can be.

We all want to be congratulated for a job well-done from even acquaintances, but what happens when they don’t, or you are not acknowledged in some way.

Yes, it’s painful, but now it’s time to regroup, refocus, and rise above petty people, things, sin, and caring what others think of you. They don’t know your backstory, but God does.

Worrying about what others think is human, but when it’s to a point where our joy is being choked, then we need to become proactive, not reactive. Take people out of your courtroom of justice, and offer them to God, and also humble yourself. It’s simply not worth it for your health, or hindering your walk–period!”.




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