Ghanaian musicians are afraid to collaborate with me- Rapper J-Town

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Rapper and Producer, Stefan Menson known in showbiz life as J.Town was on the EFGH show where he revealed why he doesn’t get nominations in the various award schemes in Ghana, why he doesn’t normally collaborate with other artiste among others interesting revelations.

On nominations in the various award schemes in Ghana, he wittingly remarked that it is only in Ghana that you have to fill forms, submit your record and other stuffs before your record can be considered for nomination. Also, when asked whether he fought/had a misunderstanding with any artiste, he disclosed, ”I was once supposed to play a show outside Ghana and a fellow artiste who was also on the bill got angry as to why I, should be paid more money than him because back home, he is more popular than me. I got pissed and I made sure I dealt with him accordingly”.

He continued, ‘Outside Ghana, I can say on authority that I receive more money than any other artiste when I play shows over there.”

On why he doesn’t normally collaborate with other artistes, he said, ”I don’t normally collaborate with other acts because they are afraid that I will ‘murder or kill’ them on the joint, they are just afraid that I will outperform them.”

He further disclosed that he will arrange studio sessions with them but when the time is due, they don’t honour it. He would chase them with calls and do everything possible he can in other to have them on the track but to no avail. J.Town remains one of the most respected Hiphop artists in Ghana. With most other artiste switching to hiplife and other genres for the sake of mass appeal, continues to be real with his fans dropping banging hiphop joints back to back.

He also debunked rumours that misunderstandings among others contributed to the breakdown of the Skillionz group. He disclosed that they all just decided to go their separate ways and that the members of the group are still making it big in their respective ways. He advised the younger folks to be passionate about their work so that they don’t end up being a-one-hit-maker and also, they should surround themselves with the right people.

Written by, Amekor Shola Evershed


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