Gospel singer Gifty Osei opens up…Says Facebook Insults Break her Heart

Gospel singer Gifty Osei opens up…Says Facebook Insults Break her Heart

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She is fashionable, very vocal, has a great voice and produces good songs but gospel artiste Gifty Osei is not happy with insults she receives on social media from some members of the public who visit her fan page.

“I am sometimes forced to ask God why I should be made to tolerate all the unkind words from people; the same people for whom I sing words of encouragement and upliftment. I ask myself if I should go on with this ministry because at times the insults are just too much and I wish I could do something about it”, she told Showbiz last Friday.

“You know, unfortunately I cannot respond to all those negative things they write about me because, I am a public figure and if I do, I may be doing exactly the same things they do.
“People talk about things they have no idea about, they talk like they live in the same house with me and it is very unfortunate that we have to go through all that.

“The curious how they forget that despite stardom, we are also humans with blood running through our veins and so we also get hurt and feel bad about gossip and untruths peddled aroun us”, she said.
In an answer to whether she thought she was above criticism, she quickly responded: “ of course not, I am not, I mean I am human and definitely will not get everything right but sometimes the way people go about it, twisting and saying things that are not true hurts me. Sometimes just by you posting your profile picture, the kind of insults that would follow are simply heartbreaking”.

Giving an account about an incident she faced some weeks ago, she said; “I was in a saloon fixing my hair and my video was being shown on TV. Then this lady who was also fixing her hair began to insult me and she did not even realise I was in the saloon with her.
“All these things break my heart, to the extent that, sometimes I wish I could defend myself and respond to those insults but I take comfort in the word of God that says that woe unto you if you are loved by all and I know God who has called me into this ministry, will see me through,” she said.

“But in all this, I will not lose my vision, I will continue to be who I am and I will keep doing what God has asked me to do. My blessings will not pass me by because of what people say.

Talking about how she deals with it whenever she is down in times like this, the Jesus Be Too Much singer said, she goes on her knees and ask God for strength so that whatever mission for which she was brought into this world, it will come to pass,” she said.

Gifty osei who brought Aseda in 2007, Fefeefe in 2010 is currently promoting her third album, Jesus Be Too Much.

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