“I do not have a stroke nor a liver disease” – KiDi finally speaks the truth about his health

“I do not have a stroke nor a liver disease” – KiDi finally speaks the truth about his health

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It became the biggest news in Ghana that Ghanaian afrobeats and high-life singer-songwriter KiDi was down with a stroke and subsequently developed liver cancer.

It was widely assumed that KiDi is battling with a stroke reason he suspended his GoldenBoy North American tour which was supposed to come off early this year.

The reports were disputed by his management in a statement on Twitter, which was later backed by a series of videos to confirm he’s indeed not immobile.

The news went widespread to the point that KiDi came out to explain and express his current health standings debunking that he has a stroke.

A few days following his public reaction to the stroke rumours, KiDi sent shivers down the spine of his fans after revealing that if he ever said he was fine, he was just telling lies.

KiDi talked about his sickness once again, in a song, – According to him, his loved ones will burst into uncontrollable tears if he ever shows them his liver.

He also talked about how he has been living in pain for some time now but always tries his possible best to cheer up in the midst of people.

These new statements from KiDi through his music got many Ghanaians worried more as they started to keep the musician in their prayers.

Well, KiDi has granted his first interview after taking a break from his career due to demanding health concerns.

The Musician has finally spoken the truth about his health. According to him, he doesn’t have a stroke and equally doesn’t have a liver disease.

In the interview, KiDi expressed his shock at how people believed he had such a grave health condition.



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