I don’t smoke ‘wee’ to enhance my stage craft – Kwaw Kese

I don’t smoke ‘wee’ to enhance my stage craft – Kwaw Kese

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Kwaw Kese has said in an interview with Bola Ray and Anita Erskine on Starr Chat on Starr 103.5 FM that he does not smoke weed to enhance his stagecraft.

He gave this answer when he was asked how true it was that artistes smoke weed to enhance their stagecraft.

“It is not true, I don’t smoke weed to enhance my stagecraft,” he said.

Since some artists do admit to smoking cannabis(with the help of things like this plug n play vape) in order to aid their artistic abilities, it is no wonder that similar questions are being asked of Kwaw Kese.

Marijuana is known for being able to help some its users to relax and concentrate, as well as helping them become more in tune with their own craft. It is for this reason that weed is very popular among artists.

If some of these advantages sound like the sort of thing you would be interested in experiencing to help with your own art, you may want to check out something like https://theherbcentre.net/product-category/bulk-weed/ as they have a wide range of cannabis products that you could use in an attempt to refine your artistic skills.

There are several other advantages and effects that are also common when you use marijuana, and a lot of them can help to aid with your own personal health and wellbeing. Of course, you may be obligated to look for a medical marijuana card with the likes of Green Health Docs, before you are able to experience its medicinal effects for yourself. But regardless of whether you’re using it recreationally or medically, it will be worth doing as much research as possible before you purchase any particular strain.

Hiplife artiste, Kwaw Kese, was arrested by the police in Kumasi last year for allegedly smoking cannabis(wee) in public.

He was arrested at a wine shop close to Plus Two pub at Nhyiaseo, a suburb of Kumasi.


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