‘I like Kalybos but I love someone else’ – Ahuofɛ Patri

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Ahuofɛ ‘I like Kalybos but I love someone else’ – Ahuofɛ Patr Patri has spoken at last. The adorable actress in the hilarious Kalybos movie clips has categorically denied dating Kalybos, the character who is constantly on her trail.

For the last few weeks, speculation that Ahuofɛ Patri, real name Priscilla Opoku Agyeman, was dating Kalybos has gone viral in social media circles. But the pretty lady, a final year student of the National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI) has dismissed the story as mere fabrication.
Speaking with Graphic Showbiz last Friday, Ahuofɛ Patri said, “I like Kalybos but I’m in love with someone else”.
According to her, she considered Kalybos as a brother and friend and asked the public not to take what she does with Kalybos in the comedy series seriously because they are only acting.
Not long after she featured on Boys Kasa: Adventures of Kalybos, Ahuofɛ Patri began to win the hearts of viewers on social media with her acting skills and has continued to attract more attention after her participation in Airtel television commercials.

“Well, I have known Kalybos for more than three years and he is a nice person. I have had people ask me if that’s how funny he really is away from the cameras”, she said.
“There are times when he does something to me and I vow not to talk to him but before I know it, he says something funny and then I start laughing again. We are very close but there is nothing intimate to it” Ahuofɛ stressed.

  Asked if she would agree to go on a date if Kalybos asked her, she responded, “I am his sister; Kalybos would never ask me to go out with him. Which brother asks his sister to date him? She said laughing.
“I am in a serious relationship and it’s not with Kalybos,” she said.
The 23 year old, said acting has always been her dream but she never thought comedy was what would shoot her into the spotlight.
 Ahuofɛ Patri said although her fame has come as a surprise to her, she is learning to get used to all the attention she gets from her fans in order not to be seen to be disrespectful and pompous.
She pledged her commitment to learn from successful actresses in the industry who have a positive attitude and whose contribution to the development of the industry is making a positive impact on society.


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