I Only Rock On Stage Not On Bed – MzVee

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Young dancehall musician, MzVee, who often gets her audience excited by the way she twerks and winds her waist during live performances says most men get it wrong when they equate how well a woman dances to how good she may be in bed.

“I don’t understand it”, she said “why some men think that because of the suggestive dance moves I make on stage, I am automatically naughty or I’m a bad girl.

“I know most women performers suffer such stereotyping but I would want to say that, the fact that I do that does not mean I am enticing any man to go to bed with me.

“Dance moves do not make me good in bed neither am I what they perceive me to be when they see me on stage or in my music videos.

The truth of the matter is that, I love to dance and I am good at twisting and winding my waist which so far, I think has been very helpful to me as a performer.”

When MzVee was bluntly asked whether in real life she considers herself to be good in bed, she refused to answer the question.

“Right now, I am not dating so I’m sorry I can’t answer that question, but all I can say is at the right time, the right person who can give you the testimony and the right answer will come,” she giggled.

Describing who she really is, she said “I am a very principled person. I come from a disciplined family where no form of indecent behaviour is accepted so it sometimes baffles me when people think I am a naughty girl because of what I do on stage.

“I think, it is about time people get to know how showbiz works, you need to be identified with something and for me, dancing is what I can add to my singing so that I can be distinguished from my colleagues.

“But in all, I appreciate it because it shows that people are able to identify me with certain things and that is the dream of any artiste, to be, identified among the lot”, she said.

According to the Revolution singer, she has a choreographer who takes her through vigorous dance lessons before she performs on stage or does music videos.

Born Vera Hamenoo – Kpeda, the Keta-born musician is a student at Ghana Telecom University. She was the lead singer in the defunct all-girl group, D3 and she won the Unsung Artiste of the Year at this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

MzVee is set to start her Tip Toeing Party tour and her first stop will be Vienna City in Kumasi on September 20. The tour is in preparation for the release of her maiden album, Re-Vee-Lation, on November 1.

She is popular for songs like Borkor Borkor, Harmatan, Natural Girl, Revolution, Dancehall Queen, Re-Vee-Lation, Gimme Dat and My Everything.

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