‘I will torment Mahama’

‘I will torment Mahama’

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Music star, Sydney, has vowed to torment President Mahama with his music until the president starts to manage the affairs of the country properly.

He lambasted the president and his NDC administration for failing to manage the country well, resulting in severe hardship for the ordinary Ghanaian.

According to him, there is too much corruption in the NDC administration, contributing immensely to the unending problems facing the state.

The music star disclosed that he would soon come out with a new album titled ‘My Last Coup d’état’ to lampoon President Mahama for presiding over rot.

He stated that he has nothing against President Mahama, but he was only coming out with the album to make the president sit up and perform.

Sounding infuriated, Sydney said on Otec FM that President Mahama as a youthful president has no excuse not to perform.

Sydney recounted that President Mahama started as assemblyman and had since then gone through the various stages of authority to reach the presidency.

With the exposure that he had got, including being a minister and a vice president, he noted that President Mahama should have performed as president.

Sadly, he stated that President Mahama’s administration had brought nothing but excessive hardship and financial quagmire for the citizenry.

He descended on the NDC government for presiding over rot which has contributed to the power crisis in the country.


Source: Daily Guide


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