Yvonne Nelson & Kafui Danku Are My Favorite Actresses- Award-Winning Model Vica Michaels

Yvonne Nelson & Kafui Danku Are My Favorite Actresses- Award-Winning Model Vica Michaels

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Speaking to Ghkwaku at the Launch of The Africa Fashion Week London in Accra, Awards Winning Model and Brand Ambassador for Melcom, Victoria Michaels revealed her admiration for movies and intentions to join the movie world in the coming months/years.She revealed she has received a number of scripts from popular movie producers who keep persuading her to star in their movies.

Because of my busy schedule, i have really not had time to even go through the scripts but the intentions are there to join the movie world soon.I have been here and there recently working on business deals and events as well as many other things projects coming up but i think in my free time i would like to consider one or two of them.- She said

The new ambassador Of Africa fashion week London in this interview was also asked about who are her favorite actresses

I will pretty much go for Yvonne Nelson,yes, Yvonne because i feel she is a natural actress, very flexible, she doesn’t try too hard and basically she makes acting look easy on the eye. Makes it seem though its not a hard thing to do.


Yvonne is my favorite actress and oh wait, Kafui Danku as well. I think she’s a very natural actress and i’ve told her on several occasions. I love watching their movies. -she added

Also on her favorite actor …

Majid Michel is my favorite no doubt about that, followed closely by John Dumelo. These are very talented, dedicated and passionate actors. They are without a doubt my favorites and i think they are the first people i have to star alongside in my first feature for a movie production.-she laughed


source: Ghkwaku.com



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