If It’s Nice, Flaunt It – Actress Moyesha Boduong

If It’s Nice, Flaunt It – Actress Moyesha Boduong

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She may look relatively new on the Ghana movie scene but actress Moyesha Boduong is one who cannot go unnoticed in movies such as A Sting in a Tail, Die With Me, Blood line, Vi times, Yvonne’s Tears, Hostage, Vultures of Horror, The Last Part and Mysterious Girls.

In real life, her picture poses and appearances at showbiz events are “show stoppers” thanks to her unusually body shape. Her big butt is especially noticeable.

“It is not as if I do those poses or wear dresses to bring my curves out intentionally, the truth is that, there is nothing I can do about it”, she told Showbiz.

I can’t hide these curves and if you can’t hide something, the best thing to do is to appreciate and flaunt it just as the Bible says that everything God created is beautiful.

You can’t hide what is beautiful. It is loving one’s body and that is one thing that I always keep in mind. It is part of my body and if I don’t love and appreciate it, no one will,” she told Showbiz.

In an interview with Moesha who returned to Ghana last week after a movie shoot in Nigeria, she disclosed that even though her curves serve as a compliment, at other times she receives certain attentions she is not comfortable with.

“Sometimes the kind of attention I get from people, guys especially, when I attend events or go to the beach is undesirable. Because of how enticing I look in these dresses, some men come to me with certain requests and demands which do not go down well with me.

“Recently I went to the beach to cool off so I wore a bikini. As I was walking along the shore, I got guys who actually wanted to touch my bum and for me it was very embarrassing and I resolved not to wear bikini anymore,” she said.

“On the flip side, this butt and curves have earned me some good deals from some fashion designers who think I possess the kind of image they want out there. Because of my stature, everything I wear look good on me and it also got me some movie roles as well,” she added.

She disclosed that, she did not go through any special work sessions to get the kind of curves she has as other women do. “No I don’t go through any special workout to have this curves but that doesn’t mean I don’t work out. I do because I need to stay healthy”.

Talking about her movie career she said; “so far so good. It has not been all rosy, I have had my share of disappointments. It was not easy for me to break through but with God on my side, hard work and the never giving up spirit, I am making it. But I believe the journey has just began and we will get there.”

According to Moyesha, she has always wanted to act but she took it seriously as a career two years ago. She is a graduate of the University of Ghana, Legon where she studied Theatre Arts.

She described herself as principled, God fearing, fun to be with and is guided by the principle that, “whatever you find yourself doing, do it diligently because you may never know who is watching.

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