I’m a Little Bossy- Says Ahoufe Patri

I’m a Little Bossy- Says Ahoufe Patri

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Internet Sensations,Kalybos and Ahuof3 Patri were on TLNCS to promote their upcoming 90 minute long movie Kalybos in China.

The other half of the skit squad Ahouf3 Patri revealed;

“I want to concentrate on being an actress now but then I will like to write sometime soon; because I’m a little bossy sometimes because I like things to my way.”

Ahuof3 continued;

“I think there’s an Ahuf3 Patri in every girl and every girl has a Kalybos in her life. Personally, I’m quiet but not shy. I will like to know people before I open up to them. I’m my mom’s only daughter so we have that bond where she knows everything about me. The boys coming around me and all those things.”

Touching on her new found fame, Patri said;

“I have cried a few times because I read a few things about me and I wonder where they were coming from. About 99% have been good to me but the one percent can be very mean.”

“I was prepared for this but I guess I underestimated the popularity of the whole thing. It was just short videos and people have been acting in long movies and haven’t gotten this popular.”

The season finale of TLNCS airs today at 9.30PM on eTV.

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