I’m Happy The Way I am- Lydia Forson

I’m Happy The Way I am- Lydia Forson

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Screen goddess, Lydia Forson has revealed in an interview with Glitz Magazine that she has never for once thought she was something else other than how she was created.

I have never gone as far as wishing I was another size. To wish that would imply that there was something wrong with what I look like,” she said.

According to the actress, she get alot of people asking her if she has ever had self doubt and wished she was another size because, it is the world that has issues with her.

“I think the problem is with the world because, they have issues with the way I look and so maybe, we should look into why we ask these questions in the first place,” she said.

Advising and encouraging women of all sizes to embrace their natural shape, she said; “Love yourself or no one will. Even if you get all the Botox in the world or butt and breast implants, if you don’t believe in your beauty, no one will. Because in the end, the only one who has to deal with you is you.

Lydia Forson’s acting career started with a cameo role in Hotel St. James ,2005, Run Baby Run, 2006, Different Shades of Blue, 2007 and a stint in the reality show The Next Movie Star in Nigeria, 2007.

As an actress who believes in quality scripts, she suffered a career break after the above cameo appearances due to the quality of scripts that came her way.

In 2009, Lydia Forson starred in the multiple awards winning The Perfect Picture. She has recently starred in hit movies such as A Sting in a Tale, Phone Swap and Masquerades.
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