I’m Joining Kumawood- Actress Beverly Afaglo Speaks | Says The Ghana Movie Industry Is Dying

I’m Joining Kumawood- Actress Beverly Afaglo Speaks | Says The Ghana Movie Industry Is Dying

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Beverly Afaglo has been a household name and the actress is not only dazzling on television screens with her amazing performances but also a very hardworking woman as far as her family, work etc are Concerned.

In an extensive exclusive interview with ghkwaku.com, actress Beverly Afaglo Baah opened up about so many things concerning her marriage, acting career, family, inspiration, values, etc. Below is how the interview transpired.

Asked about how long she has been in the acting business, the actress said

Been acting since 2007, so that’s about 8years now.

On how her marriage has affected her acting career, she clarified saying:

To me, it hasn’t affected my acting career but maybe some producers or directors think because i’m married I can’t act again or whatsoever but nothing has changed.I still have time and the talent.

Catching up on how long she’s been married to Eugene(Choirmaster), she was quick to say,

(Three) 3yrs

Asked about if she’s picky when it comes to selecting movie roles she added:

I haven’t really skipped any role before but maybe a script if it’s not good or doesn’t feature the right cast because lots of times actors who are not good can affect your acting and bad scripts take all the energy but don’t sell and waste your time.It doesn’t add up to your career in anyway.

How did it all start(acting)??

It didn’t happen overnight for me.I went for auditions everywhere for months before I landed my first role in “Return of Beyonce”.Before I became an actress, I was a presenter on tv. I would go back to presenting soon though.

Asked if she has any businesses apart from acting, she revealed:

Ofcourse I do other businesses. I’m a business woman. I deal in beauty and fashion products.

Do you have any favorite Ghanaian actor and actress??
She said;

I look up to alot of people, Different people for different reasons. ICan’t mention names.

What do you make of the Ghana movie interview so far, do you think its growing or its growing??

Well, I think it’s dying slowly. If not, actors wouldn’t be producing just to keep being relevant or keep their passion alive. Producers are not producing anymore especially English speaking movies so I plan to join kumawood in the nearest future.

Any hobbies, if there’s no work to do??

I love to sit at the beach and stare into space, think about life and admire nature. I love to play music and just dance at home.

When Asked about rumors she wanted to qquit acting, she clarified saying:

That’s crap. Why will I quit acting? Those enemies out there who want to kill my career keep spreading rumours that i’m quiting or I had a baby and i’m not acting anymore and all that nonsense. For crying out loud my baby is almost 3yrs so is she a baby that can’t be left behind to work?
My first job after delivery was a job with Shirley Frimpong Manso. It was exactly 6 months after having my baby when I started acting again so childbirth hasn’t stopped me in anyway.

How many movies have you starred in up until now??

Not too sure o.Maybe about 30 movies so far.

People have this perception that, dating a musician/two stars in a marriage comes with lots of complications, any words on that?

Errmmmm I don’t think it’s true because to me i’m still the same. I’m even a better person with better personality since I got married. Marriage isn’t as boring or difficult as people paint it. Marriage is amazing. Just marry the right person for the right reasons at the right time and u’ll be happy.

Any final words??

I have amazing fans. They love me anyway. The love they show me when they meet me or follow me on social media is overwhelming and I promise not to disappoint them whenever they see me on screen. I love and respect my fans because they’ve kept me up till this far.

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source: ghkwaku.com


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