Kumawood Actress Kyeiwaa Survives death Scare after divorce

Kumawood Actress Kyeiwaa Survives death Scare after divorce

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Kumawood actress, Rose Mensah known in showbiz as Akua Ataa Kyeiwaa escaped death at the Santasi Roundabout in Kumasi on Thursday.

The Kumawood actress was, according to FIPAG President, Eugene Moratt crossing the busy roundabout to meet a friend and colleague actress, Matilda Asare to announce the sudden break up of her marriage to them when the incident happened.

“Kyeiwaa while crossing the road was absent minded, so the drivers blew their horns on her several times and she had to be alerted of the impending danger, God saved her,” he said.

The celebrated local actress, he continued, was highly disturbed after her four day old marriage ended on the rocks upon discovering that her lover was already married to another woman. If there has ever been a situation where divorce solicitors were needed, it was here. The legal implications of mix ups like this can be huge if they’re not handled properly.

The Kumawood actress parted ways with her newly found lover, Akwasi Bronya, a week into their controversial marriage.

The actress confirmed the divorce on Adom TV on Thursday evening, saying she has had to swallow the bitter pill of divorce as a result of the raging controversy surrounding the Kumasi-based businessman who she married last weekend.

“I have given back his drink to him and he has accepted because I can’t afford to be a second wife. I prefer to remain single than to do that”, Kyeiwaa said in an interview.

The celebrated local actress traditionally married the Kumasi-based businessman at a ceremony which was attended by several persons from the movie industry.

Kyeiwaa, Eugene said acting on her Christian beliefs had to call for an end to the marriage because ‘she said she can’t afford to be a second wife since that would not allow her to partake in the Lord’s Supper’. Unfortunately, their relationship came to an end. Divorce among celebrities is known worldwide, with many hiring a law firm to deal with their case. It is always sad when a family splits apart, whether it’s in the world of celebrity or elsewhere. It is still sad to witness. It is a heavyweight for those going through it, especially when it comes to legal matters. Luckily there are law firms similar to Nathens, Siegel LLP available to help them with their case.

Thus, together with five bus loads of her colleague movie stars and family members, Kyeiwaa presented the drink and the ring back to Akwasi Bronya.

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