majid Michel & wife to renew vows…Stacy Offers to sponsor

majid Michel & wife to renew vows…Stacy Offers to sponsor

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Infectious Ghanaian actor Majid Michel and his beautiful wife, Virna Michel, have been given what is recorded as the ultimate TV Show giveaway yet in Ghana, as host of Restoration, Stacy Amoateng presented them with the opportunity to renew their vows in a celebrity rewedding ceremony this year.

The couple who have been married for over a decade now, were astounded when Stacy told them an all-expenses paid wedding package was awaiting their approval.

She announced this when the Agony of the Christ star featured on Saturday’s episode of Restoration.

“This is what we’re going to do, you’ve done so well, you’ve been with your wife for so long, you guys have been there for each other so we are giving you a treat. And with this treat, all you need to do is to provide us a date… And you and Virna can say I do again,” said Stacy.

In response, the ecstatic Majid exclaimed, “I want a trip to the moon. Honeymoon on the moon.”

The wedding which is set for the LaPalm Royal Beach hotel in Accra, Ghana, and is being planned by Exclusive Bridals together with Stacy’s team promises to bring together some of Ghollywood and Nollywood’s top celebrities as well as family and friends of the couple.

Stacy told her studio audience she was inspired to make this possible because the love and support the couple show to each other is exemplary.

“We need to encourage each other because for most people celebrities don’t have a lasting marriages, it crashes along the line….”

Moreover, “these two are always at weddings so now we would be coming to your wedding. So we are going to have a celebrity wedding,” she teased.

In an exclusive interview with, Stacy revealed Virna’s gown has already been chosen.

“It’s a very beautiful gown but that’s all I’m going to say. We will also be deciding on the menu soon. Music and all those other things that make a great wedding are being carefully selected.”

She also revealed they would be working with a very tight guest list for the event.

“They have a lot of friends and fans but we want to keep this as intimate as possible…so the guest list will cover about 250 people” she said.

Majid and Virna have two lovely daughters, Zara and Kiera Michel.

Whereas Virna, who was seated in the audience on the show went numb with shock, her husband said “I’m going to stand outside and shout”.



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