Marriage makes no difference- Naa Ashorkor

Marriage makes no difference- Naa Ashorkor

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If there is anything that has changed about actress and TV presenter, Naa Ashorkor, since she got married last October, then it is about how “mature” she has grown these few months.

“In my short journey in marriage, one thing that I can confidently say has been different about me is maturity. That is not to say that I wasn’t mature before I settled down but you know, you can’t take little things for granted.

You need to put so many things into consideration before even making a decision because you know that the negative consequences of your actions and decisions can affect your spouse too,” Naa Ashorkor told Showbiz last week Tuesday.

According to the Perfect Picture actress, even though she hasn’t been married for long to describe her union as perfect, she was happy to have settled down with a man she described as a “best friend and companion”.

For Naa, she had dreamt of a “tall and deep voiced man” when she was younger, but she chose her husband because she had something spectacular about him that was irresistible. “He’s intelligent, he’s super smart, he has a great brain and I think that is what drives me crazy and I’m happy to have somebody like this as a life time partner”.

Though she didn’t give details on how marriage intended to change the romantic roles she played in movies, she remarked, “It is still the same as it was before I got married. Nothing has change about my life after my marriage. My husband knew me before I went into showbiz so there is nothing new,” she said

Just a few weeks after marriage, news was rife about the Adams Apple actress taking seed but she disputed the claim when she was asked.

“I didn’t know where the news came from but all I know is that, I wasn’t and I’m still not pregnant. I’m not under any pressure to give birth right now because I’m enjoying myself. At the right time, the babies will come,” she stated.

Naa and husband, Ahuma Cabutey, met on the former’s first day at the Ghana Institute of Journalism in 2006.

Cabutey was then in his final year and they became friends. They started dating after two years and have been an “inseparable force” since then.

Away from marriage, Ashorkor talked about her new found love with radio and how she is coping as the host of the mid morning show, Zone, on Starr Fm.

She said that though it hasn’t been easy, she got inspiration from the likes of Bola Ray to sail through at the beginning. She described her radio experience as a “learning process”.

“I’ve leant how to use the console, do my own selections of music for my shows and do a bit of DJ’s work’. She admitted that even though radio is quite competitive, she doesn’t see others as a competition because she learns from them to improve her craft.

The actress, who won the best female AMAA’s best actress in 2010 expressed her delight at the growing interest in theatre productions now.

“Now, venues get filled up when there is a play to stage and it is interesting how people patronise movie premieres. That is a good indication that we are doing something right. But my wish is that, we can extend all these to other regions in the country than just focusing on Accra”.

Naa Ashorkor has featured in many movies including Scorned, Perfect Picture and Adams Apples.

“ I have been working very hard to bring something exciting to my fans so they should watch out for me because this is my year and it is going to be big for me’’, she stated.

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