Miss Ghana Pageant In Crisis No Rep’ For Miss World …Runners-Up Refuse Crown

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The longest-running beauty pageantry in Ghana, ‘Miss Ghana’ has seen turmoil over the years under different event organizing firms; from Mediawhizz Kidz to Sparrow Productions.

Many had high hopes that the usual uproar that has characterized the pageant over the period takeover by Exclusive Events headed by Inna Patty, a-former winner – but that hope is short-lived.

The ‘Miss Ghana’ pageant has been thrown into a state of confusion after the organizers released a statement stripping the winner, Guisseppina Baafi off her title and all other privileges.

After thorough investigations into the impasse by Razz Newspaper, it was uncovered that the 2013 winner, Miss Baafi and the organizers have had disagreements for the past months. Investigations prove that the organizers presented the winner with a contract and wanted her to sign but after reading through it, Miss Baafi refused to append her signature to the deal. She requested to show the contract to her lawyer for guidance, a request which was flatly rejected by the organizers.

Her refusal to sign whatever contract prompted the organizer to take away some major prizes she won at the pageant including the car and the house a month ago, way before the organizers released a statement stripping her off her crown.

Investigations also revealed that the case is being handled by the Airport Police Station after an official complaint was lodged.
The paper also founded out that; after the announcement of the strip, the crown and its accompanying prize, the package must be handed over to the runner-up but interestingly, the two runners-up of the 2013 pageant are refusing to accept the crown.

Sources close to the runners-up claim that, they are not happy with how the organizers have handled issues concerning the pageant. They are also preparing their resignation letters to hand over their positions.

As it is now, with the winner resigned and runners-up threatening to resign as well, the organizers are in a fix and racing against time to have a representative to groom and present at the 2014 Miss World Pageant slated for London in December.

Source: RAZZ


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