#MotivateGhana – Started In His Mother’s Sitting Room To Achieve His Dream

#MotivateGhana – Started In His Mother’s Sitting Room To Achieve His Dream

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His mother wished he grew up to become a medical doctor, but Benjamin Amening- a computer science graduate from NIIT in Accra, followed his passion for photos and has ended up as a photographer. He is well-known in Tema and its environs as the youngest professional photographer.

Benjamin’s desire for photos forced him tosleep in his mum’s kitchen and transformed the sitting room into a photo studio. Hestarted operating in the sitting room (photo studio)as an amateur photographer with a black curtain as the backdrop and just an ordinary camera.

Samira Adams

Model/Actress Samira Adams

“I didn’t have to go to school to study how to use the camera. I loved pictures and every time a picture is being taken I see a different view of how the pictures should have been captured.One time, I had a camera and whiles I played around with it for a long time I begun to understand how the camera worked” Benjamin added.

Benjamin’s struggle to achievement started in 2005 after he completed his Senior High and had wanted to make ends meet since he lost his dad at a tender age and mummy was not financially sound enough to continue his education.


dadie Opanka

He worked diversely to make his mummy proud; pupils’ teacher, graphic designer and web developer but then againwas still doing his photography as and when it comes.His mum, brothers and aunties never supported his idea of becoming a photographer.
From the little jobs he did, Benjamin was able to gather some money to continue his education into the tertiary stage with support from his mum. He also relocated from his mum’s house to a single room apartment to carry onwith his passion. At his new apartment, he again used his sitting room as a photo studio.

“Through recommendations, my clients increased and I started to receive phone calls from people all over Ghana to cover their weddings, parties, naming ceremonies and all the events you can think of. They liked my photos and motivated me to go into full time photography”


Stacy Amoateng

In 2014, when Benjamin completed his tertiary education, he decided to go into full time photography when his relatives expected him to do his national service and work in a government sector.

Despite the challenges he went through,the Tema based photographerwas not discouraged, “the challenges I encounteredforced me to pursue things that where even bigger than me just to reach my dreams.”Through the hard work, Benjamin gathered a lot of money and realised the need to acquirea photo studio.
At a point when he had acquired his new photo studio, more ladies begun to fall in love with his pictures and wanted to become his photo model, he thought of establishing a modelling agency.

One Click Studio

One Click Studio

Today Benjamin Amening can brag as the Chief Executive Officer of One Click Modelling Agency andOne Click Photographylocated in Tema which has all the equipment necessary for professional photography.

28yrs of age, Benjamin’s uniqueness in his field of work has won the hearts of some well-known people in the country including, Opanka, Ephriam, Stacy Amoateng, Samira Adams, Helen Asante and many others.
After the adverse opposition he faced from his relatives, they have finally lent him their support and are now a major source of encouragement for him.

One Click Pics

One Click Photos

Benjamin believes that working on his own has really shaped him in many directions as he’s learnt to manage people especially as emotions are involved in this field. He recalls how some clients can be ‘troublesome’ but with time he’s developed a special skill in talking to them and making them understand him from a professionally angle.



He looks forward to building his clientele base and expanding his modelling agency. Benjamin advised young people to follow their passion and break barriers to actualise their dreams. He also added that the odds will not always be in their favour but if they press on, they will definitely have a success story to share someday.

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