MzVee Finally Reveals How Long She Would Take Before Getting Married

MzVee Finally Reveals How Long She Would Take Before Getting Married

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Vera Hamenoo-Kpeda, otherwise known as MzVee, has advised young couples in relationships to try as much as possible not to date for too long. 

MzVee, who was a guest on Chris’ Challenge, a fitness show on UTV, was quoted on as saying: “People date for four years and all. Why? What do you want to study?”

She continued: “See, the truth is that you cannot know anyone fully. 
People grow as time goes on. They evolve and they get to learn new things every day so why waste someone’s time all in the name of ‘I’m studying you”? 

MzVee interestingly had no personal opinion on how long was okay for herself or any other two people to see each other before they committed to marriage. 

She said: “I know some school of thought says at least the longest you can date is 18 months but the truth still remains, there is no point in dating for too long.” MzVee in the recent past, has declined talking about her marriage although she does accept that it will happen soon in the future. For entertainment observers, MzVee’s opinions on how long it should take couples before marriage gives an idea on how long she herself might be willing to wait. 

Speaking on why she encouraged guys to see the mothers of their partners to ask for their hand in marriage, she responded: “You see, the trick is that when you see the mother and the mother likes you, that is it. 

Mothers have a way of massaging our fathers to accept what is unacceptable.”

Meanwhile, MzVee has given some form of advice for young ladies. The “Bend Down” hitmaker, shared a post on Instagram which stated that some girls would die single because of the standards they had set for themselves.




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