NABA Life Foundation to donate to Rising Star Orphanage Home

NABA Life Foundation to donate to Rising Star Orphanage Home

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NABA Life Foundation, a registered Ghanaian non-governmental organisation, has announced it will

donate to Rising Star Orphanage Home in Dodowa on Monday, December 26, 2016.

Since Christmas is the biggest festive season about love, caring and sharing, the NGO deemed it

appropriate to reach out to the orphanage home to contribute their quota.

Activities on the day include singing and dancing competition, storytelling, poem and rhyme recital

among other fascinating activities.

There will also be a riveting performance from NABA Life Foundation ambassador and Hip-hop star, AJ

Nelson. As the ambassador, he has promised to make the event a memorable one.

NABA Life Foundation was established in the year 2012. On the establishment of the foundation, the

founder and the team members had the mission to provide Care and Support specifically orphans,

widows and less privileged in the community, promote education especially among girls and also create

awareness on health issues.

In view of this, the team members have embarked on numerous community outreaches to donate items

to the less privileged and orphans in the community. Some of the communities who benefited the share

of these items include Kayayo (head potter) girls in Accra, Osu Children’s Home, Rising Star Home in

Dodowa all in Accra, among others.

On the field of health, we have organised free health talk in some orphanage homes where some nurses

were invited to share with the children and some of the community members on how to ensure healthy

living and keeping surroundings clean. Also, they were taught on how to wash their hands properly

before and after eating to prevent them from contracting diseases like cholera, typhoid fever, fever, etc.

All these activities have highly influenced the lifestyle of these communities positively and have helped

them to be more careful in order to have a healthy life. Some of the items donated have gone a long

way to help these beneficiaries a lot and have personally confirmed to the organisation; hence the need

to get more funds and do more for such people in our various communities.

The foundation, upon its establishment, did not receive any support or funds from any organisation or

government entity; hence all these items and financial needs are met by the founder and with the

support from the Co-Founder and other team members.

NABA Life Foundation is still donating items under the Care and Support aspect of the organisation to

people in the community as a way of meeting their needs and ensuring that they have a better life. We

are embarking on a new project which is titled “Ghana Regional Tour Donation Project” with its main

aim of visiting various communities in the ten regions of the country of Ghana to donate items to the

deprived families and also promote education by sharing educational materials to such schools in the


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Under research, we are currently conducting Needs Based Assessment in some of the selected deprived

schools in the rural communities in the country to know their need in order to inform us to prepare

adequately for the type of items to donate and also use the report as a research base for the community

upon which will be shared with any international entity who get the interest to help such a community.

This maiden project which is also looking at fighting poverty in Ghana will positively impact the lives of

these deprived families in the various communities in the country as they will have the chance to benefit

from the things that would be shared.

The educational materials will also promote education in the community since most of the student will

have access to some of the materials which have become a burden on some parents to purchase and

hence ending up making their children drop out from school.

As a young people who have come together to form this organisation in the community, we have the

passion and determination to do more activities in the community to ensure that they have a better life

void of challenges and can speak up on negative issues in the community.



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