Nigerian celebrities dress only for TV – 4X4

Nigerian celebrities dress only for TV – 4X4

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4×4 are on a media run promoting their Tantalizing, Kpagam Kpagam records and CP’s Fashion Planet talked music, fashion and life under the spotlight.

The trio now currently under Don Jeff Records touching on their fashion sense compared their fashion statement to that of Nigerian celebrities.

Coded elaborated;

“Our fashion sense is just natural, I think it comes to us natural because as an entertainer, you have to look good anytime you are in front or behind the camera.

“They shouldn’t see you looking all shining on TV and the next minute they see you rugged. That I have seen in Nigeria a lot of times. I’m sorry to say this but I have seen it in Nigeria plenty of times.

But with Ghanaians and our musicians we have upped our game and you see an artist in town and they look very good. We are getting there. When it comes to looking good, female artists are also so on point. From movies, to music everyone is dressing really well. When you are on instagram you will realize several Ghanaian celebrities are sharing photos from photo-shoots they just had and it’s refreshing.

Captain Planet quickly added;

“Fashion Planet is my personal venture but if anyone wants to invest in it, I’m waiting for them. I am doing most of the street wears.”




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