Obrafour Reveals Reveals Why He Switched from Rap to Singing

Obrafour Reveals Reveals Why He Switched from Rap to Singing

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Obrafour is moving from rap to singing. The massively gifted lyrical artist in a latest interview has revealed he doesn’t see himself jumping up and down stages dropping punchlines when he is 65 years.

Still recording his Obrafofro album, rap sofour said the new school artists were doing well with the help of social media.

“The new school has done a good job because they have taken good advantage of social media promoting themselves. Nothing much has changed, what make the difference now is the content of our music. Back them it used to be songs with substance that’s why I came into Hiplife because I wanted tell stories, history and imbibe morality into the music.

The Execution Entertainment boss is of the view society as a whole should be blamed for the content of our music currently because he is not able to play songs of this era when his children are around.

“Now a days our minds are on the money than the good work. That’s our problem now because these days I find it hard to play the current songs at home when my children are around.”

“Who do you blame for this, is it the musician or society? I think we all have to be blamed. Because the same people who say they are bad songs are the same people who enjoy the songs and reward them. So we need to share the blame.”

Touching on recent switch from rap to singing, he revealed;

“I don’t see myself climbing on stage twenty years from now as a rapper. Thirty years down the line, I should be singing. When I’m 65 or 75; you don’t expect me to come on stage to rap. And the decision is not because I’m a good singer but I’m still honing my singing skills.”

“I want people to appreciate my singing skills at the moment because with the rap, what else do I have to prove? I have done my bit. But that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t hear me rap again. On my upcoming album Obrafofro you will have me and Sarkodie go toe to toe on a song.

Currently promoting his Pimpinaa song he concedes this is the new Obrafour and everyone should support his new music coming.

Source: YFMGhana.com


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