OPINION: Why Nigerian musicians are Richer

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Moving to Nigeria the last couple of months to take the job of Head of communications and Social media at iROKING, (the music division of iROKO TV) has given me some very interesting insights into the music industry and music marketing.

Over the last four years I have been in the Ghanaian entertainment industry; hosting radio shows and coordinating big events hence seeing clearly how the music business is perceived. Having my job position in another country just gives me a clearer African perspective.

Yes, Nigeria is bigger market and there is bound to be more record sales BUT the Bentleys and huge mansions are possible because of the understanding the business aspect as a musician is absolutely a standard requirement for an upcoming artist; there is the foremost understanding that; the talent is what they will live on so there is a different approach to it.

Head of communications and Social media at iROKING

Aside record sales and shows, money is earned from;
Views on Youtube and Vevo

Sales on iTunes
Plays on Spotify
Pay per downloads on the internet

iROKING introduced the monetization of music and showed how money can be earned from those avenues that are normally ignored. When many wanted to make music for the fame, iROKING showed how to make it a living.
After these clear insights into the music business, inviting my Ghanaian musician friends to this party has been one of my first goals because I know what goes on in my country’s music industry; Big names can hardly afford the big things as superstars.

Our platform has already seen some Ghanaian music from R2bees who have become household names in Nigeria, but it’s important to us that the rest of Africa and our very strong online markets of America and Europe get to hear what good music is coming out of our region.

With over 1miilion unique users every month, music marketing can only be better and the world hears the awesome sounds of Africa.

This is my official invitation every person who enters the studio to record some good music. You must get paid whiles you get heard by the world.

Submitted by: Bliss Dumashie/iROKING


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