Patapaa’s Ex-girlfriend, Queen Peezy Cries Out After He Married Liha

Patapaa’s Ex-girlfriend, Queen Peezy Cries Out After He Married Liha

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Queen Peezy, Patapaa‘s former curvy girlfriend, has been seen in a video crying out after her former lover married his German sweetheart, Liha Miller, in a simple traditional wedding at Swedru.

It will be recalled that Queen Peezy and Patapaa were supposedly a thing before Patapaa left for his famous ‘One Corner’ concert in Germany and met his current wife, Liha Miller.

After Patapaa met Liha, he decided to ditch Queen Pezzy — a decision that saw the lady grant several interviews to complain and talk about Patapaa’s prowess in bed.

Well, it seems that Queen Pezzy is turning out to be a bitter ex-girlfriend who cannot accept that she has been dumped for a different woman even though Patapaa made that clear a long time ago.

After Patapaa and Liha’s marriage ceremony on Saturday, January 2, 2021, Queen Pezzy has dropped another video making wild allegations.

According to Queen Peezy, she is pained about Patapaa’s marriage to Liha Miller because people have been sending her DMs and asking why she wasn’t the one.

Abena Thickness as she is also called indicated that she is the original Queen Peezy and for her name to be changed, the newly wedding couple should call Instagram to change her handle and make Liha Miller‘s name Queen Peezy 

According to her, she had wanted to attend their wedding to eat and even wanted to shower money on them but she was stopped by something that set in when she had a phone call from someone.

Abena Thickness also shockingly added that Patapaa’s wife is “Obroni bad luck” and emphasized he only married her for business.

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