People Buy What You Sell – Sandra Ankobiah Advises Efia Odo

People Buy What You Sell – Sandra Ankobiah Advises Efia Odo

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Beauty with brains! Sandra Ankobiah is currently one of the most enviable female celebrities in Ghana at the moment.

Reflecting on her slay days, she has the social media experience, and she has got the corporate experience too.

Days ago, Efia Odo announced that she needs a break from social media because the internet is portraying her to be someone she isn’t – a decision she couldn’t actually implement or just that break hasn’t started yet.

Well, on day 1 of Echo House’s Social Media Week, Sandra Ankobiah who was a panelist for a session about Cyber Bullying had some words for Auntie Odo on social media branding.

She told Efia who was also her co-panelist that “people buy what you sell” therefore whatever perception people create about her also depends on what she feeds them with.

Using herself as an example, she told Efia and the audience that she rebranded too because, at a point, people only saw her as a bikini slay queen and traveler to exotic locations whilst less was said about her professional career.

Sandra Ankobiah further disclosed that she had to take a long break from social media and when she got back, she shared things much related to her career and now she gets that recognition as a Lawyer and not just a Slay Queen. Most people need help from someone like elitelawyermanagement to achieve that level of rebranding when it comes to their legal careers, so it is good she took it to heart.

GhOne Tv’s Serwaa Amihere who was the moderator of the session totally agreed with Miss Ankobiah and reechoed her words to Efia.




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