Support Me If You Love Me – Lord Kenya

Support Me If You Love Me – Lord Kenya

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On October 28, former rapper, Lord Kenya will celebrate eight years of his being born-again and although the man of God is happy about how far he has come, he is not too happy with the media because they are not supporting his work.
“I don’t know why the media is not helping in terms of pushing my works especially my Gospel songs. If they helped Lord Kenya back in the days to win awards, why can’t they help me now?” he told Showbiz recently.

According to Lord Kenya, who is an evangelist and heads his own church, Face of Grace, he wonders why radio and TV stations would rally behind him when he was a secular artiste and refuse to support him now that he is born again.

“Is it that they liked the bad things I used to do and would want me to come back to the world? No wonder I was offered huge money for a comeback concert.

“I have seen the light and I am glad God is doing great things in my life. There is no turning for back me” he said.

Lord Kenya said he used to be bothered about the situation but he is fine now. “I don’t care anymore whether or not radio or TV stations play my songs. Mine is to win souls for Christ and I am glad I am achieving my aim,” he said.

Asked whether he gets gigs to play, Lord Kenya said churches invite him for shows and he is happy with that.

Talking about his eighth anniversary, Lord Kenya expressed happiness at how much he has been blessed since he accepted God as his Lord and personal Saviour.

Lord Kenya is among some selected musicians for Praise Unlimited, a concert scheduled to take place on September 22 in Amsterdam.

“It is going to be fireworks on the day. A lot of lives will be saved and I am grateful to the organisers for the opportunity,” he stated.




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