PHOTOS: Actor/Model Bassy of BBA Hot In New Promo Photos

PHOTOS: Actor/Model Bassy of BBA Hot In New Promo Photos

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Today, April 13th2015, on behalf of Michael Bonny Bassey (BBA Housemate 2013 and Nollywood Actor), I am happy to introduce the Bassey Bod Fitness Campaign. Bassey has shifted his focus to both fashion and fitness this year; Bassey truly believes that one has to work from the inside out and he would like to share his process with his fans, or supporters, as he prefers to call them. The Bassey Bod campaign is a fitness campaign through which Bassey will share his workouts, diets, and life style, in hopes of helping his supporters get work towards a healthier body. These would be shared on his Facebook page,Michael Bonny Bassey and, on Instagram, @basseyofficial. People are encouraged to send him health and fitness questions on his social media sites using the hashtag, #bassybod.

As for fashion, Bassey has been working with many African designers and fashion photographers and he is excited to share that he will soon be designing some things of his own. He is very excited to share his new projects with everyone and is grateful for the growing support of his brand. Acting is the driving force of Bassey’s career, but this year, Bassey is branching out a lately, and he wants his supporters to be apart of this experience.


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