PHOTOS: Joselyn Dumas takes #Xcholera campaign to Okaishie Market with FuseOGG and Funnyface

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The XCholera Campaign which was launched by Ghanaian actress and Television host – Joselyn Dumas in late August has reached its second phase which involves Market Storms. The team took to the Okaishie Market today to sensitize the public on healthy practices to prevent cholera.

The campaign is aimed at educating the public and getting them committed to healthy and safe practices to prevent Cholera.

It takes a different approach from the traditional cleaning up of dirty areas to the creation of awareness on why the public needs to practice personal and environmental hygiene. It is about sensitizing the public to understand the need to clean their environment and getting them committed to staying clean.

With support from Lifebuoy and Ernest Chemist, the team educated the public on proper hand washing techniques and distributed ORS and Lifebuoy Soap.

A community health specialist from the LA Polyclinic, Miss Patricia Awumey was on hand to support the creation of awareness and to answer questions on Cholera from the public. In attendance were Fuse ODG and Funny Face who educated the public on safe practices and demonstrated the proper hand washing technique.

 The campaign has also been supported by KOD, Nana Aba Anamoah, Yvonne Nelson, Efya, Reggie Rockstone and many more.

The general public may volunteer for this market storm and donate money to help worst hit areas through MTN mobile money number 0244730078.
It is Joselyn’s expectation to get a substantial number of people to join her create this awareness and encourage hygienic practices in the society.

Cholera is a disease characterized by severe diarrhoea accompanied by vomiting. Transmission is mostly from consuming contaminated food and water caused by poor sanitation. It is Joselyn’s hope that with this campaign, the number of lives being lost to cholera will be reduced substantially.



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