Preacher and Motivational Speaker Dr Myles Munroe and His Wife Killed in a Plane Crash

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If any proof were needed of how uncertain and fleeting life is this is it.

Preacher and Motivational Speaker Dr Myles Munroe, founder and leader of the Bahamas Faith Ministries died Sunday in his homeland when a private jet containing himself, his wife, and seven others crashed, killing all on board.

The Bahamas Tribune reports local authorities have confirmed the deaths, which occurred when the jet was making a landing approach to the Grand Bahama International Airport ; the plane struck a crane at the Grand Bahama ship yard, crashing into the ground and exploding on impact.

Ghanaians would particularly remember Dr Munroe because he was in the country barely two years ago, during which he addressed several workshops and seminars in his frank, no-nonsense yet motivational style.

He was a multiple bestselling author and internationally acclaimed motivational speaker. May his Soul Rest in Peace…


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