READ THIS: Actress Kafui Danku facing Marriage problems??

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As a married woman, Kafui Danku’s often bad girl roles must have been a cause for occasional nervousness among her fans but the sexy actress says everyone should take it easy and keep their cool because there is no cause for alarm.

“I am aware that lots of people are worried and some have been complaining on social media about the kind of roles I play. They feel my marriage will not last due to the bad girl role I play but I say that, they should not worry at all, my marriage is intact and will continue to be till thy kingdom come,” she said.

“I know the man I am married to and he also knows the woman he’s married to. My marriage is safe with or without bad girl roles,” she told Showbiz in an interview last Thursday.

“What people do not know is that, I don’t just get up and do things on my own. I have an incredible team I work with and my hubby is always in the known of whatever move we want to take. Sometimes, I discuss it with him first to get his opinion.

“My hubby is very understanding and we communicate a lot. I have been married for two years and so far, everything is OK and I do not think what people think would affect my marriage.

“Moreover, he knows how and when to draw the line between what I portray in moves and the real me so he is not perturbed at all,” she said.

“I was into acting before we got married and he has been very helpful. Since the very day we met, he has been very supportive. We love, respect and understand each other. He is the first critic whenever I get a script and he knows all that I am up to every time.

According to her, the fact that the husband supports whatever she sets out to do does not give her the license to neglect her duties as a wife and leave her hubby to wallow in loneliness.

“Despite how busy and demanding my jobs is, I still make time to spend quality time with my hubby, giving him the assurance that our marriage is for better and for worse. I do my duties as a wife and I do not take his trust for granted. I appreciate every moment we spend together and he does too so there is nothing to be scared of,” she said.

The award winning actress and film producer, won Best Supporting Actress of the year (Ghana) at this year’s City People Entertainment Awards in Lagos and was honoured with the ‘Entertainment Person of the Year award at the All Africa Media Networks Awards in Accra.

She has featured in a lot of movies, notable among them are Devil in a Dress, A Little Affair, The 5 Brides, Letters to My Mother, Alvina, Hotel Babylon, Love and Crime, Today’s Women, The Bachelors, Dream Of Chance, A Reason To Kill, 4 Play Reloaded and Announcement.

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