READ THIS- WanLov Da Kubolor’s Pastor Father says he is ‘PROUD’ of His Son

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Even if there was nothing to be proud of as the father of controversial Ghanaian musician-Wanlov Da Kubolor, Wanlov’s ability to think rationally (something most Ghanaians lack) and his love for the truth are two things, every father should be proud of…
But when it comes to the biological father of  Wanlov-Pastor James Owusu-Bonsu, who is the leader of Awesome Grace Network (AGN), there is countless reasons why he is PROUD of his son—a distinctive individual.
NewsOne caught up with Wanlov Da Kublor’s father for a chit chat

—and we bring you excerpts…

About the name Kubolor (which means vagabond)…
I did not give him the name, Kubolor. He picked that name by himself. I gave him the name, Emmanuel Owusu Bonsu.
About Kubolor’s childhood…
He has always been that way; very intriguing person. But what is interesting about him is that he is very consistent, very strict ad very honest. I can tell you something about Kubolor’s honesty.
From childhood, when something got broken at home and you called the children to find out who broke it, he would step out and say ‘I, Emmanuel, I broke it’. Whether you would spank him or not, he would tell you the truth and run away.
I remember when he was in his final year in secondary school at Adisadel College; there was a time I had a call from the Headmaster, Mr. Kitson. He told me that there was a problem and one of the masters was demanding that Kubolor be sacked from the school.
But the headmaster and other staff would not agree because they believed in the story Kubolor was saying even more than what the master was alleging. They gave me several instances that the boys had done something wrong and Kubolor was the only one who would step out and speak the truth and confess even when there was some punishment at stake.
So in this instance, they listened to him, listened to the Teacher, and believed what Kubolor was saying. I was very touched by that testimony from the Headmaster of Adisadel College, Mr. Kitson.
On dealing with Kubolor’s negative publicity as a pastor and father…
Well, I look at it with a different eye from the way the public would look at it. I believe and trust in God. And as I am serving God, I believe in God to take care of all my children. When I pray, I pray for them. When things are going that way I do not get worried but when I disagree with him, I call him and tell him the truth, that he should have done this in a different way. But I leave it to the hands of God.
But listen, let me tell you something. If you look at the history of mankind, there were people whose behaviour seemed bad but at the end they changed for the better. I believe that in the end, Kubolor, eventually, would turn into a pastor.
On being proud of Wanlov…
Yes, I am. I am very proud of him. I am proud of my children.
On the non-wearing of boxers…
I am fully aware. It was not like that from his childhood. I do not know at what point he turned that way. But if that is how he feels comfortable and he does not walk around naked in public, I am okay and do not have any problem with that.


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