Read what T.I. and Tiny had to say to Floyd Mayweather

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T.I and Tiny aren’t going to get caught up in another round of theatrics with Floyd Mayweather. The couple brushed off his latest comments about a rumored sexual relationship with Tiny.
Over the weekend, a video was released where Mayweather was heard, on what he says was a distorted recording, admitting to sleeping with T.I.’s wife. He later explained that what sounded like “I was f—–g his b—h” on the recording was actually “he thinks I was f—–g his b—h.” 

Despite addressing her as a “b—h” in two separate videos, Mayweather clarified that he has nothing but the utmost respect for his friend Tiny. “I’ve never been with Tiny sexually,” he clarified.”I respect her situation and I think she’s a good person. I would never disrespect a marriage.”
Tiny has said that Mayweather is just trying to get her back for refusing to acknowledge him on the Bet Awards red carpet last month.   
As for T.I. — whose last run-in with Mayweather was inside a Las Vegas fat Burger — the father of six had nothing but good things to say about the boxer, saying, “I hope he is enjoying himself. God bless him.”
On Sunday (July 20), Mayweather sent out another message, possibly inspired by T.I. and Tiny. Along with a photo embracing his son he wrote, “God knows I’m not perfect even with a perfect boxing record. Truly grateful, still I am evolving daily. Feels good to grow while watching my oldest son, kingkoraun blossom. Hope to inspire him to strive at being the best he can be and always remain humble and never forget where his blessings come from.” 


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