Read: Yvonne Nelson shares her View on the Most Popular Women’s Jewelry piece+ still defends bleaching reports

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When it comes to style, Yvonne Nelson knows more than a thing or two about style.

The Ghanaian actress is one of the entertainment industry’s leading style stars and has a fashion boutique.

In an interview with Punch, she discusses her style (of course), starting out as an actress, shopping and bleaching.

Read excerpts;
On tattoos and piercings: “I don’t even like wearing earrings. I haven’t worn any earrings for about five years. I can wear them in a movie but I’m not a fan. I don’t think it adds any extra beauty to a girl. I just don’t like it, it makes me feel uncomfortable and as if I’m overdressed. It makes my face look busy and I don’t like it. I like jewellery; I love wrist watches and rings too. I do not have any tattoo mainly because of the pain. I believe I have a beautiful skin, imagine how I always brag about my legs and I put a tattoo on it, why would I do that? I would not mind getting a tattoo, writing my mother’s first name somewhere on my body but it is just not my style. It is not something I think about. I see it on people and some of them are really nice because it is artistic.”

On her bikini photos: “I have not heard of anybody who would go to the beach wearing jeans and a jacket. I love going to the beach and anytime I go there, I love wearing a bikini to swim. Recently, my friend had an event and the after party was at a club. In the club, I was telling my friends that I don’t know how people do it, coming to club to have fun. To start with, you cannot make a conversation with someone because you are screaming on top of your voice. I was there drinking water, I don’t smoke and everybody was looking at me as if I was a boring person. In essence, the night life is not for me because it does not make me happy. I don’t think you have to go to club to have a nice time. I believe having a nice time depends on the quality of people around you.”

On bleaching reports: “I can’t blame anyone, ignorance sets in because people don’t get to see us one on one so they rely on what we put out for them to see. For example, anytime I post a picture online, I edit it and it tends to make me look lighter. On my Instagram account, there are pictures where I am quite dark; they are for magazine covers and I don’t do anything to them, but anytime I am posting a picture, I always use filter on Instagram and they make me look lighter. In my new movie, I look very dark and that is my real complexion. I have come to realise that people love stories like that. I guess I am the cause of the rumours but I would still keep editing my pictures before putting them online.”


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