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When actress, Luckie Lawson, got pregnant for the first time, she found herself in a serious quandary. She had to decide whether to carry the baby to term or get rid of the pregnancy and pursue her dream career.

“It was not an easy decision for me because my acting career had just started. I had shot my first movie which was out and I had Nigerian producers calling me for movie roles.

“At that point, I was confused and disturbed and wished for two things to happen. Either the ground open up for me to enter or someone tap my shoulders and tell me it was a dream”, she told Showbiz.

“I knew that having a child at that time was not the best decision for me to take. I was not mentally ready and opportunities in acting had just begun opening up for me. Yet, I braved it and decided to have the baby because I did not believe in abortion. I do not know how to create a life so I would not waste one”, she said.

“I had toiled and gone through a lot before having my breakthrough in my first movie and I felt that at long last, God had answered my prayer and I was about enjoying the fruits of my labour. So when I got to know I was pregnant, I got angry and hated myself for not protecting myself.

“I called my man and spoke my mind blaming him for everything. I got so furious and told him that I was not ready for motherhood but he asked me to wait for some weeks. After a few days, I began playing with my tummy and started to experience other pregnancy symptoms and the feeling was great so I decided to keep it.” she said.

Even though Luckie’s friends were in support of her keeping the pregnancy and promised to give her all the support she needed, she said she was worried about the status of her mother in church.

“My mom is an elder in the church and a role model to the youth. She always preached about chastity so her daughter doing the opposite to the extent of getting pregnant out of wedlock got her angry and disappointed.

“She lost her trust in me but as time went on, she grew to love me and accepted the pregnancy especially when she realised that the man responsible was ever ready to take up responsibilities as a father and a husband”, she said.

“My decision to keep the child and seeing him grow tells me that, it is one of the best decision I have ever taken and I have no regret at all looking at how being a family woman has helped shaped my life”.
Luckie Lawson started as an actress but has moved on to become a producer with two movies to her credit.

Her first movie was Silence Is Golden which featured Ramsey Nuoah and Chika Ike, while the second was Familiar Strangers which starred Prince David Osei, Roselyn Ngissah, John Dumelo and Nana Ama McBrown.

She is the winner of the maiden edition of the Spirited Actor reality show which was partly organised in the USA.

Some of the movies she has featured in are, College Girls, Efia and Friends, Royal Palace,The King Is Mine, Frozen Emotion and I Sing of a Well.

Source: Graphic Showbiz


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