REVEALED: The Camp Of Obinim(OBTV) releases Official video which Proves The woman Obinim Stepped on was not Pregnant but was delivered from her sickness

REVEALED: The Camp Of Obinim(OBTV) releases Official video which Proves The woman Obinim Stepped on was not Pregnant but was delivered from her sickness

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There are reasons why i do not follow up on some stories when i see them and this is one of the main reasons why.There has been so many stories about Bishop Obinim but i do not follow up on the,most recently accusations which came from tv presenter Afia Schwarzenneger which i condemned because its evident enough she was seeking for attention and trying to take advantage of the situation the best possible way she can.

My recent observation(this video is evident) being the fact that all radio stations,most pastors,tv presenters and many other platforms are trying to sabotage and tarnish the image of Bishop Obinim.I know most of you may argue or disagree and i don’t blame you considering the numerous videos released by the almighty Afia Schwarzenneger which she doesn’t have evidence on whatever she has said.

We all know she doesn’t hold back and if tuly she had anything on the Bishop, it would have been out by now.There are so many pastors in Africa who perform miracles and healing sessions and are believed to be genuine Men o God but Bishop Obinim Performs miracles and Ghanaians think its not from God.In my Opinion, Afia Scharzenneger is behind most of these accusations towards the pastor trying to pull him down and this video is evidence.

Forget about his healing process because if Doctors are allowed to use knives, pins and others to penetrate through a person in the name of getting the person to survive(some cases,they don’t) then i think Bishop Obinim’s healing process is nothing to talk about.

Reports also suggest Individuals from various radio stations and television stations have been been trying to use these previous incidence to request for favors and payments from the Bishop to be made if he wants all these controversies to halt but he turned them down.

Several groups, including the MamaYe Campaign and the Alliance for Reproductive Health Rights (ARHR) have condemned the act. Motivational speaker, Reverend Albert Ocran added his voice to the matter saying that criminal charges must be pressed against the Founder of the International God’s Way Church, Bishop Obinim for doing what he did. “Very importantly, crime is crime and let’s draw a line between excesses and crime. And if somebody steps on the foot of a pregnant person, it is assault and there is criminal prosecution and there is evidence right there and so let’s just go for that,” he said. Amnesty International has also called on religious groups and associations to which Obinim belongs, “to call him to order” because people of his ilk “cannot do whatever they want in society.”

However the directors of OB TV have released the full video from the service that saw Bishop Obinim stomping on the woman to vindicate the founder of the church. According to them, the woman was not pregnant as was reported but rather she came to the church with a ‘fibroid-like’ ailment (Adenomyosis) which the Bishop was able to remove spiritually buy stomping on her stomach. The video also shows that a month later the said woman came to the church to reveal that she was finally pregnant. The video also continued to show an ‘after’ scene where the said woman returned to the church to reveal that she had given birth to a healthy baby. Watch the video and share your thoughts


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