Review Of ‘KSM Unchained’

Review Of ‘KSM Unchained’

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It was a gallant comeback by every stretch of imagination. The script was tight, the delivery was on point and the humor was amazing.

KSM’s energy was simply spectacular. The audience for the 4 pm show saw 70 minutes of non-stop roller-coaster laugher. For the 8 pm, it was over 75 minutes. Plenty were amazed by KSM’s high energy levels, on top of that, he fascinated the audience with a refreshing routine of new material.

The stories were crazy and intentionally bordered on the outlandish, but that is vintage KSM! He actually made them make sense. Imagine a mind-blowing and totally uproarious description of Judgment day, just picture the tales of his fascinating friendship with the Vice-President and the rib-cracking explanation of why Nana Addo run for President. He was able to keep the audience in stitches as he narrated these incredulous stories.

One of the thrilling routines that stood out was when he demonstrated the incredible parallels between Ghana politics and US Politics. He compared the NDC to the Democrats in the US and the NPP to the Republicans. His observations were funny but brilliant and on-point. The Highpoint of the show was when he announced that the 8 pm Show was to honour his good and respected friend Ebo Whyte. It was a great night of comedy. KSM COMEBACK was beyond all expectations.

Unlike the regular comedies where the comedians deliver a string of jokes, KSM uses hilarious stories, satiric anecdotes and “coded” messages to create side-splitting laughter. When the show ended, the one question that was running through many minds was when the repeat will take place. It was a masterpiece performance.




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