Sarkodie feels like a mini god who can’t be attacked

Sarkodie feels like a mini god who can’t be attacked

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Sarkodie’s ‘History in The Making Concert’ might be long over, but one can be sure the controversies and drama are still a long way from dying off.

Mark Okraku-Mantey revealed that Sarkodie’s fans make him feel like he is a mini god, and that he can’t be attacked when he does something wrong.

In an exclusive interview with, ace producer and entertainment critic Mark Okraku Mantey has called out the youth and younger generation of Ghana for hailing Sarkodie as the greatest when in fact many achieved greater feats than him in the past.

According to the producer and artist manager, the problem stems from the fact that the youth of today don’t think about the past. They think history is irrelevant.

“Everything they do today, they think it’s the ultimate” – Mark said sarcastically.

“Osibisa, Acheampong Brothers, and others, had bigger global hits in their day. Carlos Sekyi played in a band that went to No. 1 in the UK years back. Do you even know Eric Agyemang’s song was used as a soundtrack for a foreign movie?

The problem is we don’t keep records so when something happens today, we pick it and say this is the biggest thing that has ever happened in Gh music but it is simply not true.”

So is Sarkodie the first Ghanaian ever to perform at the Apollo Theater in New York? “No! it is not true!” – Mark fired back.

Following Okyeame Quophi of Akyeame fame’s tweets that sought to set the record straight about Sarkodie’s so-called historic Apollo Theater show last Saturday, lots of Sark fans have come out to ‘diss’ Okyeame Quophi claiming the latter is just ‘hating’.

This hasn’t gone down well at all with Mark Okraku, a well known outspoken Sarkodie critic.

“I pity all those people saying negative things about Okyeame Quophi. What did he say wrong? He just wanted to set the record straight. And the truth is Akyeame did perform at the Apollo Theater 15 years ago in the year 2000. You can ask Lumba, Okyeame Kwame and co. They will tell you. Should we allow Sarkodie to distort history and we pamper him just because we worship him in Ghana?”, the Hitzfm producer quipped.

“When I decided to go into the entertainment industry, I made sure I did my homework and studied not only the studio part but also the history as well.

You can’t build your future if you don’t know your history. When people distort the facts, they need to be set straight. If you are talking about the first to perform at the Apollo, it was Akyeame not Sarkodie. And if you are comparing the magnitude of the two concerts to determine who was more successful, then that becomes a very subjective matter. But the first is still the first.” – he further added.

“There is no disputing the fact that Sarkodie is one of the biggest things that has happened to our music in our time as in today, but not in the history of Ghana as if all the past musicians did nothing.”

Is it skilled calculated PR or rather irresponsible communication that led Sarkodie to make such a ‘historical blunder’? For now, we will all have to play the guessing game as neither Sark nor his management has come out to make an official statement disclaiming Quophi’s accusations.


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