Sarkodie Owes No One An Apology – Rockstone

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Hip-life grandpapa, Reggie Rockstone says he sees no reason why BET award winner, Sarkodie should render an apology to the media for his “free press” song.

Speaking to ‘Abrantepa’ also known as Albert Benefo Buabeng on Radio Univers’s, Brunch2Lunch last week, Reggie Rockstone said,

“It’s his freedom of expression. Once you had the freedom to write those false stories about him, he also has the freedom to express his opinion on your stories. Why should he apologize and to who? When and where did you read or hear that we have asked a writer of a story to apologize for writing untrue stories about us?

I see nothing wrong with the song. My understanding is if you have written any false story to downplay Sarkodie’s career, then the song goes to you. If you write with integrity, then I don’t think you will see anything wrong with the song. Sarkodie is not a kid; he really thought before composing the song.”

Sarkodie launched an attack on the Ghanaian media whom he accused of being unsupportive to artistes. In a song, which was recorded over the instrumental of Busta Rhymes’s, “Put your hands where my eyes can see”, the reigning best rapper in Ghana challenged the media to stop being mediocre.

“Since Kwame Nkrumah we are proud of nothing else; ‘daa’ pull me down cos negativity sells; they don’t f**k with me cos me I know them really well. Only give you interviews to show you how I really felt”, a rap line in the first verse of the song, ‘Free Press’.

Most people in the media have said that Sarkodie could have expressed his opinion without hurting so many people especially with the remark that, “Do people thing he pays Clarence Peters with pomade?”

However, the originator of Hip-life says the song was just an expression of feelings. “If you found nothing wrong with what you wrote about him to make you apologize, why should he?” Reggie Rockstone asked.



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