Sarkodie Very “Unhappy” with Charter house…Checkout His tweets and Charter house Response

Sarkodie Very “Unhappy” with Charter house…Checkout His tweets and Charter house Response

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Sarkodie seems unhappy about the fact a commercial for the upcoming Vodafone Ghana Music Awards which mentioned him as a performer went on air over the weekend without a prior agreement between himself and Charter House, organizers of the awards. What started as a simple complaint, seems to have blown into a full “calling out” as Sarkodie reveals the true reasons behind his displeasure with the event house. The artiste took to Twitter on a “rather unlike” Sarkodie rant. Read some of his tweets below:

Enough I think Yall kinda get it…. Back to the basics just let people know their worth!! it’s ok… It will only help us

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Either they compensate or pay for the amount I quoted …. Wow!!! So was that a contribution in just some minutes or you had funds for that

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Now they got back saying they sorry and got two options for me…. wow!!! U did wrong and now giving me options??

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Wasn’t even pissed when I was asking them to take off the promo it was the explanation they were trying to give me… Made me sound stupid

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I ain’t got time to sue people … All I can do now is to let people know how these people play…

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I don’t even wanna go into the explanation they gave me cos that wud take me to where I was yesterday I don’t want that …I’m calm today

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People can you believe even when I told them I heard the promo they were still swearing??? Am like  …

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Getting the fans to go buy tickets thinking I’m performing then if I don’t show up they get mad at me…

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Now I get to Gh heard the promo maself… So I hit em up peacefully “yo can you take that promo down please” you know that ain’t right

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I was confused thought the person maybe didn’t hear it well cos the way charter house rep was swearing hmmm

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I got a call in the states that promo running on Yfm still that I’m performing… Called them and they were swearing on graves

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We ended on a good note … Yall can’t pay but no bad blood let’s keep the relationship… Bigger things next year lets work on stuff

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Gave them ma performance fee they said eerm they can’t pay I said cool (No bad blood) they ask best figure I came down but still…

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They called me a week to VGMA ( disrespect but ok ) like they know ma schedule … They said they want me to perform I was free so said ok

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I thought me and charter house trashed out our issues last year on a good note that we wanna find best way to move forward… Nice meeting

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Relationship is what we do for each other not what I do for you…

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We always want Yall to be excited but after, we need to be too…

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I know fans get excited with awards and it’s understandable we appreciate but sometimes if Yall see what goes on BTS …..

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I respect but I’m not scared that’s the difference… I try my best not to use people and I expect the same … you can’t blame me

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Tell me which concert gets the attention of the whole nation??? VGMA right?? Maybe I’m wrong but that’s how important we are

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From Tv to Radio …. You automatically get numbers if your platform is 90% entertainment ( more music/videos interviews shows)

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I just want my profession to be respected where am from … And they should stop acting like we not that important

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My job now is not necessarily fighting for award but rather for the young generation coming …

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Industry players always talk about relationship but I don’t think that is possible cos I try it all the time and it doesn’t work

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Everyone benefiting off entertaining but the entertainers

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Charter house always trying to play smart on Us smh

Meanwhile Charterhouse has responded to Sarkodie’s claim over using Ghanaian musicians for their personal gain. In an exclusive with, George Nii Armah Quaye who is the Senior Events Producer/Director and Head of Media, Brands and Communication for Charterhouse, admitted that there was an issue between them and the Ghana’s fastest rapper Sarkodie but noted that it will be resolved by the close of today (April 7).

According to the GH One TV’s “The Pundit” host, the real issue is not known but promised that is will be resolved. “I don’t know the main cause of the issue though, but it will be resolved by the close of today.”




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