SEE PHOTOS: John Dumelo Suffers a Scare on His Birthday as the Actor Survives crash

SEE PHOTOS: John Dumelo Suffers a Scare on His Birthday as the Actor Survives crash

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Actor John Dumelo has just received a birthday present he never expected.

Today happens to be an unfortunate day for actor John Dumelo. As he turns thirty one years (31) today, February 3rd, little did he know his first birthday gift would be a car accident. The versatile actor damaged his Toyota truck in an accident that occurred at East Legon, near the American House in Accra some few minutes ago. Truck accidents can often be quite dangerous. As trucks are so much more powerful than cars, they can cause a lot more damage. Luckily, no one was injured at this incident. However, there have been numerous fatal injuries caused by truck drivers before now. For example, someone was hit by a UPS truck not too long ago. They had to get lawyers out to help them as this incident was quite bad. Thankfully, all people involved in this accident are fine and there are no injuries.

An eyewitness who was at the accident scene told nobody got hurt. Peacefmonline is still working around the clock to get John Dumelo to narrate circumstances leading to the incident. Mr. Dumelo will more than likely be contacting an attorney about his car accident to see what proceedings will need to take place, this is what everyone should be doing if they are involved in any sort of auto accident, an attorney can help you with what to do next and where to go. If you are based around Illinois you’ll need to search for an auto accident lawyer springfield il, to find out who can help you, the same goes for if you were in New York, Texas, etc. Know where you stand afterward. Luckily for him, he was able to walk away from the scene without any issue, however, there are some who find themselves in a similar situation but don’t have the same outcome. Whether it is being badly injured or needing to deal with a hefty medical bill, if you find yourself affected by a similar situation, you can visit your local law firm or pop over to these guys at Diamond & Diamond lawyers to find out more.

Check out exclusive pictures from the accident scene.

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