Six eye-catching hotels in Ghana to consider for your wedding reception

Six eye-catching hotels in Ghana to consider for your wedding reception

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With love comes marriage and with marriage comes a ceremony. Ceremonies in the past were limited to close friends and family with a few guests invited. These days, things are different! With extended families and an avalanche of friends, it has become quite impossible to host a small wedding reception. It doesn’t just stop with inviting people to your wedding venue either, things have changed so much now that some brides are even buying their future father in law presents to say thank you for coming (they are getting them things like these wedding presents for the father of the groom). It’s not just the father of the groom though, but other members of their wedding party. You would have just thought that coming to the wedding would be enough. However, the more important thing though is getting the right wedding venue. The increasing numbers make it expedient to get venues that can accommodate the large numbers as well provide great ambience, beauty and style. Outdoor venues like the one pictured have become increasingly popular as the outdoor space puts an end to the space issue. A lot of people look for tent rentals sacramento they can have the ceremony in a tent than have tables set up outside for the meal. But this isn’t the only solution to a large number of guests because, unsurprisingly, hotels are a very vibrant option when considering a venue for your wedding reception. These days, they are spread all over the country with a few standout ones that provide for all needs and are affordable. Jumia Travel, Africa’s leading online travel website looks at a few of these options.

The Royal Senchi – A luxury 5-star hotel in Ghana, this amazing resort is situated in Akosombo, Ghana. It presents luxury with their beautiful riverfront, amazing pool and breathtaking landscape, 24-hour electricity and air-conditioning, and free WiFi is provided for all guests. A large parking space and abled personnel are available to assist you with all needs. Your pre-wedding photoshoot has the right location when you choose The Royal Senchi. There are state of the art rooms as well as modern facilities for your pre-wedding preparations as well as honeymoon packages for you. The kitchen and bar can also provide you with the best of continental as well as local dishes and drinks. If you are looking for style, glamour and luxury then this is the place for you.

Beige Village Golf Resort & Spa (New Abiriem) – This is an elegant resort located on the Juaso – Nsawam Rd, New Abirem in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The resort boasts a 9-hole golf course gracefully wrapped around the villas to give an amazing view of the luscious palm plantations of Abenoa forest. Internet access is available and free all through the premises. With free wifi, beautifully designed swimming pools and a host of other entertainment options, you will never run out of ideas for your wedding reception. The green ambience is just amazing with enthusiastic professionals on hand to provide the best services for you and your guests. Accommodation is also top notch and this resort also provides the couple a great honeymoon alternative. Looking for a getaway location? There you go!


Golden Tulip Kumasi – Welcome to the garden city of Kumasi. Land of riches and tradition. The golden Tulip Hotel in Kumasi can be another great option to consider for your wedding reception. The luxurious dinner setup with hands on catering services as well as amazing decor with great tasting food is just hard to ignore. The general ambience alone paves the way for a memorable occasion. Spacious parking space, a well designed pool and other on-site facilities makes this hotel one of the best to consider in Kumasi. Amazingly, their rates are affordable. Don’t let the luxurious look scare you,just take a look now and make some enquiries. Your dream wedding might just be in play.

Aknac Hotel – The modern plush four-star Aknac Hotel is located away from the hustle and bustle of Accra’s city center. The Aknac hotel is situated conveniently in a quiet area surrounding the affluent Trasacco valley. The hotel is a haven for guest to relax and unwind and get a most-desired break from the worries and stresses outside. The hotel boasts a large conference hall and a business center. Free WiFi and large parking space are available. Accra boasts of several event centres which offer a wide range of services but what about a venue that offers more than just space? In a cool quiet environment with great services and high class luxury. Comes with the added benefits of accommodation and cuisine for your prestiged guests and even a consideration for honeymoon.

Palms by Eagles – Now let’s go to the oil city of Takoradi. The current luxury city of Ghana. Where many affluent people now reside. Situated in the country’s only twin city, and in the city’s most prime location, The Palms by Eagles can only best be described as near-divine, beautiful in essence and picture perfect. Built to serve individuals and businesses, local and abroad, this hotel not only boasts of self-catering apartments and a boutique style hotel. The Palms By Eagles also leads in price competitiveness and service quality. An extravagant open space with amazing landscape and great service delivery makes it a good option for your dream wedding. Why not stay here overnight as well with your bridesmaids and groomsmen while you prepare for that big day.

Aqua Safari 6.jpg

Aqua Safari – Aqua Safari Resort is situated in Big Ada in Greater Accra Region, Ghana. The plush Aqua Safari boasts an outdoor swimming pool. Guests enjoy balconies overlooking the tropical forest and tranquil waters and the beautiful waterfront chalets with golden sands right at their doorstep with breathtaking views of the sunrise. Wifi access is freely available on the Aqua Safari Resort premises. Very popular for many great holidaying reasons, this resort has several amenities and facilities that can make your occasion memorable indeed. If your style is to have a beach or river front wedding, then look no further. The riverview, jet-ski, canoe and other sports make it an ideal honeymoon destination. The food is excellent, the staff are welcoming and the setups are just wonderful.

Marriage is a once in a lifetime experience therefore you need to have the best of days which starts with having an exquisite venue. Although there are countless options available and some may not even have been captured here, this gives you a great starting point when searching. Have a happy wedding and a long lasting marriage.

Credit : Bennet Otoo, Jumia Travel



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