Stacy Maweunam Amewoyi Talks The Falling Powers In Her Historical Masterpiece “Africa And The African”

Stacy Maweunam Amewoyi Talks The Falling Powers In Her Historical Masterpiece “Africa And The African”

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Readers around the world are gearing for the release of “Africa And The African,” a sensation piece, written by Stacy Maweunam Amewoyi, the African author who has taken her non-fictional masterpieces to a new height, rocking shoulders with some of the best in her genre across the globe.

Stacy Maweunam Amewoyi once described her journey in the writing world as a gift, inspiration comes to her naturally, and mostly through true-life events taken from her own life, and society. The latter inspiration led her to write the much talked about a novel about parenthood in the world titled “Missing Fathers,” the novel gained so much prominent, and reviews from both readers and critique soar higher in the positive direction to the extent, sequels were demanded and she obliged to the calls.

Now, she returns with yet another mind-blowing piece “Africa and the African” which is set to launch in December 2021. The novel will take readers through flashy and bitter moments, and the future of the continent of Africa. Picking from the history of the continent, from the sacrificial lambs (leaders) that set their lives to lift the image of the continent to a new height, gain independence, freedom of speech, fight against racism and several other alarming factors. Also the vast quantity of natural and human resources lying on untapped, those current leaders can make good use for the continent to gravitate towards a better place. Stacy Maweunam Amewoyi argued in the novel using years of research from notable historians, professors and lecturers from different demographics, but with a keen interest in the affairs and development of Africa, to place the question of why Africans have allowed histories of the continent to be told by others and not Africans. Also, why is the continent selling almost all its natural and human resources so cheaply, what will be left for the next generation will be a land that has been destroyed and they will send the rest of the lives on the land cursing the generation before them. And if care isn’t taken, the next generation will have no choice but to succumb to slavery once again, a disaster, great leaders spent a lot of time-fighting against.

After hearing all the wonderful things about the impending novel, we placed a call to her to ask further questions regarding the title, the idea behind it and more. From her base in the United States, Stacy Maweunam Amewoyi said, ‘’first of all, I have lived most of my life in the States but I always come to Africa especially Ghana where I was born twice in a year because I believe so much in the continent what we can achieve if we come together to build it. I lot of people ask me, if I will ever relocate permanently to Africa, and always tell them, it’s part of the long term plan, for now, I’m working and researching on a lot of stuff about the continent and the way forward.”

On the inspiration behind the book and how she arrived at the title; Stacy Maweunam Amewoyi flashes a peal of short laughter and said; “The title of the book has been hunting me for a while now, it comes into mind sometimes when I’m driving to work or school or having a conversation with any historian who has Africa at heart, “Africa And The African” keeps coming into my mind, so when I finally settled on the idea behind the book, the title was easy because I already had it in mind. I normally finish writing my novels, I sit with my team, the proofreaders here (in the States) and sometimes, my publishers and then we deliberate on the title, but this time, it was different, I had the title even before starting.”

“Anyone that reads this book will have a different mindset about Africa, its beautiful people, the hunger and desire to help build it for the future leaders will soon visit almost all the readers. Because, it took years of research, consultations and more to highlight all that everyone needs to believe in the continent (again). This is a continent that has suffered a lot at the hands of its people, let’s not forget some of the great leaders like Nelson Mandela, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, and the rest, the part of the world also didn’t treat Africa well, some did a good job, its mix of a lot of things that Africa has gone through.”

Finally, she touched on why she gave the third part of the novel “Africa And The African” the sub-headline “The Falling Powers” and the message she intends to send to the rest of the world too. “When you read the novel, I have mentioned a lot of leaders that have served Africa with their entire heart and seek the best interest of the continent, but unfortunately, most of these leaders never live long to finish the good work they have started, which is something that kept bordering me all the time, so I decided to add that to the novel, to bring that to the attention of every African and the rest of the world that, we need to protect the good leaders from dying, we have a responsibility to do everything we can to be there for them and encourage them to do the good works. In recent times some of the good leaders whose names come to the minds of most Africans are a few, but Paul Kagame is being mentioned often, how are we as Africans supporting him to continue his good work for Rwanda and the rest continent? It’s a lot of things happening on the continent that we have to take a critical look at and dialogue around it.”

The novel is said to be among some of the best in the world based on the sensitive nature of the topic she touched. Not many have been bold enough to write to the great extent the problems confronting Africa and the solutions needed.

Stacy Maweunam Amewoyi dug deeper to expose certain hidden facts on the continent in the “Africa and the African” novel that will help you rethink every decision you take regarding Africa. The novel – Africa and the African – come in four different units – ‘A Giant in Slumber,’’ ‘’ The Falling Powers,’’ ‘Existing Simultaneously As Allies,’’ ‘‘The Rising Stars’’ They will be available across all online book stores and other stores around the world.

Stacy Maweunam Amewoyi together with other experts in the field of cosmetology, makeup, weaving, beauty therapy, bead making, catering etc. have been lending their knowledge through her Stacy M Foundation (  to young women within Ghana and beyond to empower them to be self-independent in the working environment. On December 3rd, she will host a workshop for high school students at Odorgonnor Senior High to talk about Peer Influence from social media.

The Ghana launch of Africa And The African novel – all the four units – is scheduled for December 4th, after which she will embark on a series of media tours across selected countries within the continent to spread this in-depth research on the various history of Africa that can turn the fortunes of the continent around for good.

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